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Training Methods & Techniques

Which option do you want to choose?

The trainer(s) had effective presentation skills

The trainer(s) established good communication with participation

The trainers(s) encouraged participation

The trainer(s) answered questions satisfactorily

The trainer(s) managed time well

The trainer(s) used simulating activities

Program Content & Materials

The content was at the appropriate difficulty level

The instructional materials were satisfied

The quality of the instructional materials were good

Program Administration

The training room was convenient

Lighting, Chairs, Temperature, Clearness

The tools and equipments during the sessions worked well

Technical problems were resolved satisfactorily

The Administration was

The coffee breaks provided were good quality

Overall Evaluation

I was satisfied with the training program

I was satisfied with the training program

Have you attended a course before in other training center?

Suggest how we could improve your satisfaction with this course

Based on your experience in this class would you take another class at HRIB,

Why or why not?