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I guess I was protecting it like it was some type of Patek 5980, when I probably should just worn the [bleep] out of it gift replica watches until the bezel came off.

Yeah, I think number 3 watch.

the third watch that I regret ever buying was the Hublot Big Bang in rose gold and one of the reasons was because I also had the option of buying an AP replica watches tag heuer 41 millimeter chrono in steel and I passed that up fake because I just felt victim of having some rose gold.

I felt into this sickness of the Hublot Mirage.

Ok guys, so those are the top 3 mistakes I've ever made buying watches.

If you high quality replica watch think you're not gonna make that mistake, you'll see.

It will happen to you.

I could probably do a quick easy Top 10 Watches I Regret Buying, but that's part of collecting.

You buy the watches.

You use them for a while.

The watch trusted replica watch sites that you love today might not be the watch that you love tomorrow.